5 Air Conditioning Mistakes That Cost You

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5 Air Conditioning Mistakes That Cost You

Do you know what’s causing your energy bills to increase drastically? We bet, the first thing that comes to your mind is you have a failing and inefficient air conditioning system. That’s possible, but not at all times.  If you have not thought about it, you are also doing many things that can affect the performance of your air conditioner.

Here are five of the many air conditioning mistakes commonly done by typical homeowners like you.

  • Choosing an Incorrectly-Sized Unit

If you want to get great savings from your air conditioning unit, you need to start from the installation process. And the most common mistake that people do is getting the wrong A/C size for their home. Some use the rule of thumb to get the size while others settle for smaller, inexpensive units. For better assurance, we recommend you ask a professional help from your trusted HVAC company.

  • Installing the A/C in the Wrong Location

Definitely, the place where you will be installing your unit has a great impact on its performance. Our experts at Pol-Air recommend you put your air conditioning unit in places which are not directly hit by sunlight, in a shady area with no bushes and plants that can hinder airflow. Otherwise, your unit will find it too hard to cool your home and may result in a skyrocketing energy bill.

  • Running your Air Conditioning Unit Constantly

When was the last time you gave your unit a break? Running your A/C all day and night will result in a high energy bill. But this will never be an issue if you have a programmable thermostat in your home. It allows you to manage your indoor temperature based on your schedule so you can save on energy usage especially when you are out for work.

  • Keeping the Windows Open

Everyone loves the fresh summer breeze, except your running A/C unit. Keeping your windows and doors open when your air conditioner is running is like throwing away your money. If you want to enjoy the fresh outdoor air, be sure to turn off your A/C. Or else, you will be faced with a whole lot of expense.

  • Setting the Thermostat Too Low

It’s a sad fact that many homeowners would rather turn their thermostat at its lowest setting believing that it will cool their home fast. Little do they know that they are just putting extra pressure on their system. Additionally, when there’s too much cold air inside, they will be forced to adjust it again. Constant adjustment makes a big difference in your energy bill.

Our professionals at Pol-Air are experts in servicing HVAC units. Need help with keeping your unit in tip-top shape or looking for advice to get the most out of your investment? Call us!