5 Furnace Myths Revealed

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5 Furnace Myths Revealed

Are you planning to consider the tricky advice from your fellow homeowners in reducing your heating bill this cold season? As your heating professional in Baton Rouge, LA, we will reveal every single detail of these myths and give you enough reasons why you should not ponder on these thoughts.

Myth #1: Crank the thermostat to heat your home fast!

Many homeowners have done this before. When you start feeling the chill inside your home, you will set the thermostat too high thinking that it will warm your home fast. The truth is, regardless of the thermostat setting, your heating system produces and delivers air in your home at a constant rate. It will keep on operating until it reaches the temperature that your home demands. If you set the thermostat too high, your furnace will take too long to reach the setting, which means greater and longer work.

Myth #2: Closing the vents and registers.

If you think that closing some vents and registers in unoccupied rooms will save you money, you are wrong. Closed vents create pressure imbalance, thus affecting the distribution of air to other parts of your home. As a result, your unit will have to work harder to provide sufficient heat.

Myth #3: Go for repeated repairs over a replacement for old units.

Do you have a 20-year old furnace in your home? Then you are one lucky homeowner. But let us tell you frankly, your unit will not last long. And if it fails, don’t settle for repair to save cash. You can save more on one-time replacement than repeated repair services.

Myth #4: A high-efficient furnace alone can lower your energy bill.

There is more to heating efficiency than just an efficient unit. It needs to be paired up with proper installation, adequate insulation and regular maintenance for better results. This way, you are assured that your efficient unit properly produces warm air, and this valuable air is being trapped in your home for your comfort.

Myth #5: The larger, the better.

Size matters when it comes to HVAC systems but bigger is not always the best. In installing a new furnace, you need to talk to an expert to get the right size for your home. If you think too big units will heat your home fast and save money in the long run, you are mistaken. If the size of the system is incorrect, it will do more harm than good to both your comfort and savings.

Are you guilty of any of these? It’s not yet too late to change your views! If you have HVAC energy-saving concerns and inquiries, don’t hesitate to talk to our experts at Pol-Air Air Conditioning and Heating. Call us for honest recommendations and helpful advice.