Fight Dry Indoor Air This Cold Season

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Fight Dry Indoor Air This Cold Season

Dry indoor air is not something you would want to experience this Holiday season. Unfortunately, it is prevalent in the cold months, and simply running your heating systems won’t fix it. Good thing, there are effective ways to fight dry indoor air in your home. Check out these helpful tips from our professionals at Pol-Air Air Conditioning and Heating.

  • Seal the Drafts

The cold outside air is low in humidity and with the presence of drafts and leaks, you are allowing it to enter your home. Unluckily, your heating system is only responsible for keeping the house warm; they don’t add moisture to keep humidity at the right level. Be sure to fix and improve your insulation before the cold weather starts to prevent dry air from getting in and ruining your comfort.

  • Choose to Air Dry Everything

Drying your clothes inside instead of using laundry dryers will not just save you money on your energy bill but can also help increase humidity in the air. However, this is only temporarily. If you have a very dry indoor atmosphere, your clothes will most likely be ready for folding in an hour or two. Be sure to dry your clothes in an open space inside your house.

  • Bring in Some Plants

Houseplants can increase humidity and improve the air quality inside your home. The plant undergoes transpiration process and the movement of water through its parts can add moisture in the air. Be sure to water the plants regularly if you have a 30% humidity level in your home.

  • Use Portable Humidifiers

If you are living in a small apartment or staying in a single room most of the time, a portable humidifier can be the best alternative to keep the right level of humidity in the space. There are various types of table-top humidifiers found in the market; you only need to refill the device with tap water to even out humidity.

  • Invest in a Whole-House Humidifier

You would not want to spend the holiday with an uncomfortable indoor atmosphere. As for your home, connecting a whole-house humidifier to your heating system can help manage your indoor humidity level. Aside from reducing dry air, it also adds warmth to your home so you can set the thermostat a lower degree.

If you are troubled by the dry indoor air in your home, talk to our experts at Pol-Air Air Conditioning and Heating. We provide the best recommendations to keep you comfortable all year-round. Give us a call now!