What Good Does an HVAC Maintenance Agreement Bring You?

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What Good Does an HVAC Maintenance Agreement Bring You?

As a reputable HVAC company in Baton Rouge, we know the answer to homeowners who are in doubt of the advantages that an HVAC maintenance contract offers. The terms of the agreement vary from one HVAC company to another, but the benefits are true to all agreement, depending on the company you are enrolled to.

Here are the benefits offered by HVAC maintenance agreement:

  • Scheduled Reminders

It happens all the time that homeowners would forget to schedule a maintenance service for their HVAC system due to the million things they think about at home or work. Good thing, by enrolling in a maintenance agreement, you don’t need to worry about your next appointment. The company will be the one to remind you of your schedule and confirm your availability on the recommended date.

  • Priority Service

There is a great demand for HVAC technicians when the heating and cooling season approaches. If you are enrolled in a service agreement and your unit suddenly breaks down, the company has an available technician to serve you right away. Priority service is among the most important benefits that a service agreement offers.

  • Complete Documentation

If you are enjoying a warranty on your unit, a service agreement will keep the warranty intact by keeping the complete records of the services provided to your system. It will serve as proof that you are giving your unit the care it deserves.

  • Extended Lifespan

Maintenance services are crucial to prolong the life of your heating and cooling system. You can do simple maintenance tasks yourself but it still important to let a professional hand work on it, especially on its internal components. A well-maintained system can live longer than those units without proper maintenance.

  • Discounted Pricing

If you enroll in a service agreement, you are obliged to pay for the monthly fee. But this should not bother you. You can make that money back on the future costs on parts and labors. The next time you need a service that comes with a labor fee and replacement of components, you can enjoy a discounted price.

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