Why Is My Furnace Not Heating My House?

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Why Is My Furnace Not Heating My House?

What should you do if your furnace produces no heat? You might have thought of many ways to make your system work. But, if any of those did not work, try doing these steps below. Or best, contact your reliable heating technicians at Pol-Air Air Conditioning and Heating for help.   

Faulty/Blown Fuse

A blown fuse might be the last thing on your mind as far as a malfunctioned furnace is concerned. But mind you, even when you’re using a gas furnace, some of its components and features like the ignition still require electricity to activate. If the circuit breaker or fuse broke down, the electric supply that runs through the system would be cut; thus, causing it to stop working.

Here’s what you should do: Check the fuse box or circuit breaker. Make sure the furnace’s power switch is ON. Check electrical wires and power cord for damages. If you think your do-it-yourself efforts won’t pay off, call our specialists to do the job instead.

Dirty Filters

Most furnaces don’t work simply because of dirty air filters. The dust, dirt, and debris accumulated in the filters might have clogged/blocked the system’s airflow that is why it doesn’t release heat. If left unattended, clogged filters may cause your furnace to overheat and stop functioning. Inspect, clean or replace your filters as needed to secure your comfort throughout the cold months.

Thermostat Battery & Settings

In some cases, the problem isn’t in the furnace itself. Your thermostat is sometimes at fault why your heating isn’t working as it is expected. One problem with the thermostat is a dead battery. Try replacing the battery and see if the furnace kicks in. If not, the issue might be in the thermostat settings. Check if it is set to ‘HEAT’ or the temperature not lower than your home temperature.

Pilot Light

A pilot light that emits other colors than blue is a sign of malfunctioning furnace. And, it could be the reason why your furnace isn’t heating your home at all. Don’t hesitate to call us if you suspect that the issue lies on the pilot light. Our experts will check and verify if the problem roots from there. Cleaning the sensor routinely would help maintain its shape and condition. Always refer to the owner’s manual if you’ll do the cleaning yourself.

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Maintaining these essential parts of your furnace can keep the system operating efficiently over the years. Call us at Pol-Air Air Conditioning and Heating for professional furnace troubleshooting, installment, repair, and maintenance.